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On Saturday night, we traveled with the photo booth up to the metropolis of Dwight, NE, population 273, for Brad and Kristina’s Wedding reception at the Assumption Church’s Reception Hall. The photo booth had lines all night as guests wanted to take part in Brad and Kristina’s special day. Kristina tried her best to take part in as many pictures with the guests, the wedding party, and eventually got to take pictures with her new husband, Brad. She even went on to say that the photo booth was “the life of the party.” We had a fun night sharing in their special day! We hope to be back to Dwight soon for another special event. Don’t forget to check out the pictures from the photo booth on our Facebook page,  and look at the photos from Brad & Kristina’s Wedding, 08.27.11. Remember how much fun you had at your last party, we’ll triple that! Check us out at or on our Facebook page!