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Green Screen

What is a Green screen?

Green screen technology is also known as chroma keying.  This  is when you have a green screen background in a photograph.  We have a computer program that automatically removes the green background and replaces it with an image.  The background image can be anything you would like as long as there is a 3:2 aspect ratio.  For the best results a picture 1800 pixels wide x 1200 pixels high.  The live view inside the photo booth automatically replaces the green background instantly.  By have this live view you can see exactly what will  be on your photo strip.

For example have you ever watched the weather man as he points to different areas where it is suppose to storm?  That is all done in front of a green screen and replaced with either images in the background or a video.  This technology is also used on many of your favorite movies.

You can choose from one image for all 4 pictures or have a different image in each picture like below.

Our only question is what image do you want in your photo booth?  Do you want to be on a beach in front of a sunset?  Standing in front of the Eiffel Tower while you inside a wedding reception?  Or in front of the Great Pyramids?

Due to obtaining copyrights for the images and extra labor we are only charging $150 per event.