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Can’t decide between a pool party or a photo booth for your birthday party? How about both?! That’s what Lindsey did for her 30th birthday. Her party was held at the luxurious, rooftop Jones Pool in downtown Kansas City. We setup the photo booth in between two cabana’s reserved for Lindsey’s party and took photos of her guests all night long. It was a steaming hot evening which was great for the pool, but could have been an issue for the photo booth. If you would like to host your own pool/photo booth party make sure to plan an alternative indoor location for the photo booth in case the heat and humidity rise above 95 degrees. Electronics are not a fan of hot, humid temperatures and tend to misbehave. Luckily, the electronics behaved for Lindsey and her guests and we captured some wonderful memories. To view the photos from Lindsey’s party visit our facebook page.