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Last night we took the photo booth to Treads and Threads, a black-tie charity event in Kansas City.  Treads and Threads is an outstanding event held outside at the Kansas Speedway that benefits the The University of Kansas Hospital.  This year was the 9th annual event and featured amazing food from Kansas City’s finest restaurants,  Huey Lewis and The News, and of course A Good Time Photo Booth! The night started out with steamy hot weather and ended with torrential rain.  As Huey Lewis and News went on stage a light rain began.  As Huey started to sing the second song of their set the music immediately stopped, people started running and screaming, and suddenly the canopy covering our photo booth went airborne.   Trevor and I each ran for a corner and frantically pulled it back to the ground.  The rains were so strong it took all our strength to keep the canopy from flying away.  Thankfully, a gentleman trying to get shelter under our tent grabbed a corner and helped us hold it down.   As all this is happening, we’re watching our equipment and praying nothing would get destroyed.  Each time the wind stopped just a little one of us would run to cover an electronic to keep it from getting destroyed by the rain.   Oh…I also forgot to mention that it was lighting and thundering, rain was pouring in the tent so we were soaking wet, and we were holding on to a metal canopy surrounded by electronics inside.  Sounds like the perfect scenario for a lighting strike, and it was.  Later that night when we got home Trevor informed me that he got hit by a light shock of lighting.  Anyway, after about 15 minutes of fighting the wind it settled slightly and Trevor packed up all the electronics and ran them to the car while me and our good Samaritan held the canopy in place.   Poor guy was looking for shelter under our tent and ended up soaking wet from head to toe.  We never got his name, but if it wasn’t for him we might have lost everything last night.  Sir, if you happen to read this we would love to pay you back for selflessly helping us last night.  As a token of our gratitude, we would like to offer you a free two hour photo booth rental for any event or party of your choice.  Thank you so much for helping us out and we hope you weren’t too miserable walking around in soaking wet clothes the rest of the night.

After we got home we had to unload a car full of water-logged items and lay them out to dry in the garage.  We went to bed feeling like we’d been to hell and back and so scared everything would be ruined.  We woke up this morning a little hesitant to check out the damage but when we did we were pleasantly surprised.  The only losses were a few props and some informational materials.  Someone was definitely watching over us last night and we learned a huge lesson.  No more outdoor events unless we have a fully secure, and fully covered shelter.  The risk involved with outdoor events is not fair to our other customers.  If the booth got destroyed last night we would not have been able to take it to the wedding we had tonight.  We owe it to each customer to make sure nothing happens to our equipment and everyone gets the chance to have A Good Time in our photo booth!